How to Save the Most Money on your Home Mortgage – A $13,000 Example


  When people find out what I do for a living, the number one question they ask me is “What are interest rates?” The mortgage rate question seems to be ingrained in our minds and it might be because everywhere you look for home loan information you get advertised interest rates. Go ahead and Google “30 year […]

Are You Walking Away from Extra Money?


The Mortgage Credit Certificate Program I don’t know anyone that would say no to extra money so I have another little-known program to share with you that gives just that…extra cash.  It’s called the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program (MCC).  This program is a tremendous opportunity for a first-time homebuyer or anyone looking at buying a […]

Study Shows “Millennials Deserve More Credit”


  When it comes to talking about millennials, there are many stereotypes out there that have influenced the way the public feels about the generation. Whether it’s the assumption that millennials are irresponsible with money and would rather buy avocado toast than save for a down payment, or that millennials jump from job to job, […]

What Really Determines Your Credit Score?


Your credit scores usually determine the price you pay for your money (your mortgages, your auto loans and leases, your credit cards, business loans, etc.). Perhaps the most significant part of your credit report is your credit score. Credit scores range from 350 to 850, with 850 being the best possible credit score that you […]

Tax Reform and Its Impact on Real Estate


The 2018 year has started and with it we have new tax laws!  Now, I’m not a licensed CPA or enrolled agent with the IRS, but I can inform you on how these new laws affect mortgage and real estate.  You should be very strategic on how you handle your largest debt (mortgage) based on […]

4 Simple Habits to Start Now to Buy a Home in 2018


It’s the start of a new year which means it’s New Year’s Resolution time. If you have vowed to buy a home this year, then it’s time to get moving! Even if you’re months away from hiring a Real Estate Agent and touring homes, there are things you need to do now to make that dream happen. […]

What to Expect in the Real Estate Market in 2018


2017 is coming to an end and economic experts have begun weighing in on expected trends in the housing market for 2018. Knowing and preparing for changes can help savvy consumers maximize their current real estate investments and/or prepare for new ones. Here are some of the predictions to be on the look for: Increase in Home […]

Winter is Coming…For Home Sales


Are you ready to save some money The end of the year is all about gift giving and family gatherings, but what about buying a home? In most parts of the country the weather is lousy and between holiday parties, finding gifts for those on your list, and making a new year’s resolution that will […]

A Business Owner’s Guide to Buying a Home


I have a client who stumbled across her dream home for sale. She wasn’t looking for a new home, but her dream was available and she wanted to purchase it. I’ve been helping this client and her family for years with mortgage financing and she called me out of the blue explaining her story and […]