Winter is Coming…For Home Sales


Are you ready to save some money The end of the year is all about gift giving and family gatherings, but what about buying a home? In most parts of the country the weather is lousy and between holiday parties, finding gifts for those on your list, and making a new year’s resolution that will […]

A Business Owner’s Guide to Buying a Home


I have a client who stumbled across her dream home for sale. She wasn’t looking for a new home, but her dream was available and she wanted to purchase it. I’ve been helping this client and her family for years with mortgage financing and she called me out of the blue explaining her story and […]

The Top 3 Home Loan Hacks in a Low Inventory Market


In many markets across the country, the number of buyers searching for their dream home greatly out numbers the amount of homes for sale. In my home market of San Diego, the starter home and move-up homes for sale are few and far between and it’s creating a gladiator style bidding war of multiple buyers […]

How the Fed Impacts Mortgage Rates


The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets at least eight times per year to discuss and vote on US monetary policy. The Fed controls the Fed Funds rate, which is essentially a bank’s cost of money. When the Fed increases the Fed Funds rate, short-term interest rates such as the Prime rate and LIBOR […]

Make Your Mortgage Great Again


The number one question I’m asked is: What’s the lowest interest rate? A close second to that question is: What is the cost? It is no surprise these are the two questions most asked when you consider the bombardment of marketing campaigns of best rates and lowest costs. Inherently, this leads consumers to truly believe […]

8 Costly Mortgage Misunderstandings


We can pick apart mortgage articles because they are normally never written by mortgage professionals so they are riddled with misleading or inaccurate information. This one is pretty good, but we’d like to add a couple things: 1. Credit- get help with increasing your credit score. Credit is complicated and you will be surprised at […]

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. Impounds…


Over the next 2 minutes, the following will save you time and money. What is an Impound or Escrow Account? An impound or an escrow account is simply an additional payment added into your monthly mortgage payment to cover the cost of property tax and can also include homeowner’s insurance. Having an impound is optional […]

Finding Greatness in a Sea of Mediocrity


Seven questions to ask your lender to save time, money & headaches This article isn’t a ‘starting out’ guide on how to get a home loan. This article is tailored for those who have gone through some form of residential mortgage loan qualification process and have narrowed down a few professionals they are considering working […]

The Power of Military Basic Allowance for Housing


I have a soft spot for military service members as I am part of the Navy family, well now part of the retired Navy family. One of the biggest concerns I see on a daily basis is the lack of understanding our military members have on purchasing real estate, their VA loan entitlement, and even […]

The True Cost of a “No Closing Cost” Mortgage Loan


“I want the lowest interest rate and I don’t want to pay closing costs.” This is a common request I hear often from clients and bank marketing departments who don’t shy away from advertising “no cost” to you as the consumer. What most people don’t understand is that is completely contradictory. All interest rates have […]